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On the 12th of May, our team team visited Tartu Animal Shelter in order to do something good. Helping animals was the joint resolution of the whole team just because we love and care about them.

Before the visit we found out that there are lots of items the shelter needs for they everyday work, such as blankets, towels, cleaning chemicals and mops, animal toys, food etc. So we didn´t go empty-handed.

At the time of our visit there were about 20 dogs and more than 70 cats in the shelter. Upon arrival our team was divided into smaller groups. Two groups went to the cat houses, where we cleaned cat cages, put water and food, washed the walls and floors and of course played with the animals. Other groups went to clean the doghouses and walk the dogs, so all animals got the care and attention from our side.

Besides spending time with the animals there are lots of other everyday operations to carry out in the shelter, such as groundskeeping, firewood stacking, building and renovation projects. Our job was to carry firewoods from outside to the shed and stack them. There are no impossible missions to our team so the firewood project was completed with high dedication and commitment. :)