For a team leader

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The main recommendation is to think, how to:

  • achieve the most during a specific day?
  • ensure that the chosen activity helps as much and as long-term as possible?

Start looking for an idea early. Discuss with your team which good deed you would like to do. Maybe someone knows somebody, who needs help? Has anyone already joined some charitable organisation or initiative where you could join in? If necessary, see also the inspiration list on the webpage .

Plan well in advance. Above all, consider the beneficiary, when doing good. Contact the beneficiary as soon as possible. Ask and listen to what they need and, if possible, think one step ahead: maybe the skills and possibilities of your team exceed what the beneficiary is able or willing to ask for?

Be flexible. Does the beneficiary, chosen by your team, urgently need something that costs money? Why not use the day given by the employer instead for fundraising, such as organising a charity cafe, etc.

Divide tasks. Being a team leader does not mean that all organisation work is yours alone to bear. Divide the tasks necessary for preparations among the team. Make sure that everyone who receives a task is aware of and agrees to it.

Double-check everything. Immediately before the charity day check once again that the beneficiary is still expecting you and that nothing has changed. Make sure that all the necessary preparations have been made. How are you going there? What are you going to eat for lunch? If the day is going to be a long one, have you obtained all the necessary items necessary, etc.?

When leaving, clean up after yourselves. When the good deed is done, make sure that everything is clean and that the beneficiary does not have to do some extra work afterwards.

Have fun. In principle, you and your team should have a great time. Joyfulness is the feeling that you get in exchange for the good deed.


[wptab name=”Where to get inspiration concerning the beneficiaries?”]

  • We have gathered together various webpages, containing projects requiring the help of volunteers, here:
  • Ask your local authority. Inquire at youth centres, retirement homes, churches, and neighbouring nursery schools.
  • Find out whether there are beneficiaries among your friends-acquaintances or the friends-acquaintances of your team members or if they know anyone, to whom you could be of assistance. Maybe it is one of your colleagues instead, who needs help?

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