What is volunteer activity?

OThe needs and expectations of organisations and beneficiaries in terms of volunteers can be very different.

Many organisations, from time to time, ask for the help of professional volunteers , i.e. people, who would share their knowhow from a specific field, to help them – whenever they need a bit of IT help, financial assistance to prepare a longer plan, or communication volunteers to assist with a campaign. Although professional volunteering tends to be rather an individual activity, then most definitely one can also find offers in this area for teams.

At the same time it is mostly easier for teams to accept offers or organise a good deed where prior knowledge is not so important and the focus is rather on minor or major physical contributions and the more volunteers participating, the merrier. This way one can help with organising a family day or sports event in a shelter; tidy up someone’s yard or home beach; erect a charity cafe; and donate the proceeds to a beneficiary close to your heart.

Inspiration can be drawn also from the samples of other companies and mediated offers, which you will find from the below portals.

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Where can I find beneficiaries?

If you have put together a campaign group of colleagues, however do not know any specific beneficiaries, you can contact organisations operating in the field of interest to find ideas and specific offers.



Vabatahtlike Värav (Volunteer Gateway) is the largest information portal in Estonia, mediating voluntary activity. The gateway includes ads distributed by organisations that are looking for volunteers for their activities. In addition, Volunteer Gateway can give advice in different matters concerning volunteering.
Volunteer Gateway is managed by MTÜ Eesti Külaliikumine Kodukant.

Furthermore, Volunteer Gateway issues a badge for a volunteering friend, given to organisations where involvement of volunteers has been well thought through and organised following the good practice of voluntary activity. Accordingly, you may also contact the organisations, who have received the badge of volunteering friend, the list of which you can find here. 


The donation environment “Ma armastan aidata (I love to help) today involves already 40 organisations, who all promote life in Estonia with their everyday work. There you may find ideas from four areas: children and families, health and welfare, animals and nature, and education and equal opportunities. Offers for voluntary work can be identified by an orange icon with three figures.
The donation environment was founded by Swedbank and Heateo Sihtasutus in 2008, with the goal of promoting the donation culture in Estonia. To be included in the environment, the organisations pass a thorough application round, to ensure their reliability and security for the donators about purposeful use of the donation.


Serve the City is a charitable organisation, whose main field of activity is involvement of the residents of Tallinn in all kinds of charity projects and activities. These include for example servicing the soup kitchen, cleaning the streets, cleaning the windows of the elderly, organising events for the people in care of social centres, etc.